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Обучение за границей для школьников

Обучение за границей для школьников

Do you know that you can study English and travel to other countries at the same time? Any teenager has an opportunity to take part in international programs of students’ exchange. The programs are in summer, students study English and live in host families. They go to special English courses in local private schools.

Living in host families helps students to get used to the new country, new lifestyle, to practice English in real everyday life. They can learn more about traditions, the city, get acquainted with new people. The students often go sightseeing and visit different places, for example, parks, cafes, city centers, attractions. The program also includes different clubs: swimming, chess, football, art clubs. Speaking about entertainments, teenagers often go to the cinema, to bowling, discos or barbecue. All these help students to have a great experience of practicing English.

            The other important part of the programs is studying English in special courses. Students usually go to private school from Monday to Friday. Before starting learning students write tests which show your language level. The students usually have 3 or 4 lessons a day. The teachers are British. The duration of the course is usually from 2 to 12 weeks. At the end of the course students get a certificate.

            These courses give you lots of advantages: you will speak more fluently, you will broaden your mind, you will be able to understand foreigners better.

            Take your chance! Choose the program that you like and apply to it! International English is very important today, we use it everywhere, so learn it hard and be happy!

Авторы статьи: Бабкин М., Дудникова А., Жернакова А., Коваленко Э., Левченко Е., Науменко В., Потёмкин В., Рудова Е., Сабиров Б., Шабанов И., Чумарова З.

Преподаватель: Антонова К.Ф.


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